Autonomy. Like no other.

Florio keeps your floors fresh and clean without you lifting a finger for up to 15 days. Just plug-in, fill the water tank and you’re ready to go.

Self-changing mop pads

The robot automatically replaces mop pads when needed and scrubs your floors for up to 15 days without maintenance.


The disposable dust bag allows for up to 2 months’ vacuuming.


The dock tank holds enough water for 15 days’ mopping.


The robot automatically returns to dock for recharging.

Clean. Like no other.

With our ground-breaking cleaning technology, intelligent water control and automated mop pad lifting, Florio ensures a deep, hygienic clean in every room.

Auto-changing mop pads

Customize your floor cleaning with our unique biodegradable mop pads. Choose to change by room, sector or floor for ultimate cleanliness and hygiene.

Advanced Dynamic ScrubTM deep clean mopping

Removes tough dirt for an intensive, even clean.

Mop Lift technology

Automatically lifts mop pad and brush when traveling over cleaned areas, to prevent the spread of dirt.

Exceptional suction

Market-leading suction and rubber brushes means it won’t miss a single crumb.

Innovative D-shaped design

Allows for unparalleled coverage at the edges and in corners.

Intelligence. Like no other.

Florio’s intelligent mapping, navigation and anti-collision technology guarantees your home is in safe hands. Plus, you can specify where and when it cleans with our custom app.

Pioneering NeuralVisionTM Obstacle Detection

Never before seen combination of AI camera and stereovision sensors work to identify and avoid all obstacles, including cables, with ease.

Ultrasonic carpet detection

Ensures your carpets and rugs never get wet.

Anti-drop sensors and advanced 3D mapping

Safely avoids steps or stairs. Plus, sensors create a 3D map of your home to ensure better coverage and closer edge-cleaning.

Experience a new era in floor cleaning.

Join the floor cleaning revolution

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