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The joy of clean floors without the effort.

Nothing beats the feel of beautifully clean floors, but busy lives mean they can be hard to keep on top of. Florio keeps your floors fresh and clean without you lifting a finger for up to 15 days*. Just plug in, fill the water tank, and you’re ready to go.

Self-changing mop pads

Florio automatically replaces its disposable mop pads when needed, so there’s no dirty water to empty or tanks to clean, and no ‘rinsed’ mop pads going back onto the floor.


After vacuuming, the robot returns to the dock to empty debris into a disposable dust bag that only needs replacing every 2 months*.


When water levels are low, the robot automatically returns to the dock to refill. The dock’s tank holds enough water for 15 full days of mopping*.


Florio’s charge lasts up to 160 minutes*. When running low, it will return to the dock to recharge, picking up where it left off after 3 hours.

Noesis robot and dock side view

Next level clean. Barefoot approved.

With our ground-breaking cleaning technology, intelligent water control, and automated mop pad lifting, Florio ensures a deep, hygienic clean in every room.

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Noesis Robot and dock on hard floors in a home

Fresh mop pads on demand

Customise your floor cleaning with our unique disposable mop pads. Once programmed, Florio can change pads as frequently as you wish for ultimate cleanliness.

Noesis robot on clean wooden floors next to a grey rug

Advanced Dynamic Scrub™

By imitating the motion of human hands, our mop ensures full contact with the floor for an intensive, even clean and polished finish.

Noesis Robot on a clean grey rug next to wooden floor

Powerful suction.
Innovative brush.

Florio’s impressive 5100 PA* suction easily picks up debris, hair, and dirt; while the rubber sweeping brush beats the carpet for a deeper clean.

Noesis robot on hard clean floors

Keep cleaned floors spotless

Florio’s Mop Lift technology automatically raises the brush roll by 7 mm and mop pad by 16 mm* when travelling over cleaned areas to prevent the spread of dirt.

Noesis robot on hard clean floor in a corner of a room

Better at getting into corners

The robot’s innovative D-shaped design allows for unparalleled coverage at the edges and in corners.

Unrivalled intelligence.

Florio’s intelligent mapping, navigation, and anti-collision technology guarantees your home is in safe hands. Plus, you can specify where and when it cleans with our custom app.

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Noesis Robot NeuralVision detecting phone charger on wooden floors

Pioneering NeuralVision™ Obstacle Detection

Goodbye tangled socks, sucked up cables, or bumped furniture. Florio’s never before seen combination of AI camera and Stereovision sensors work to easily identify and avoid most obstacles.

Noesis Robot on clean wooden floor next to a grey rug

Ultrasonic carpet detection

For ultimate peace of mind, Florio detects changes in flooring and automatically lifts the mop pad to keep your carpets and rugs from getting wet*.

Noesis robot on the edge of a step of stairs

Anti-drop sensors and advanced 3D mapping

Florio’s AI creates a detailed 3D map of your home, while sensors ensure better coverage, closer edge cleaning, and no unfortunate accidents.

Person displaying the Noesis app on a phone in a living room

Stay in control with one tap

The Noesis app lets you customise suction levels, water usage, schedule and cleaning locations. By storing up to three floor plans of your home (perfect for multistory residences), you can even set up no-go zones or pinpoint specific areas for cleaning.

Experience a new era in floor cleaning.

Noesis 2 year guarantee icon on a blue background

The Noesis Guarantee

If you needed another reason to choose us, the Noesis Florio comes with a 2 year warranty and access to customer service support.

Join the
floor cleaning revolution

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*All claims are based on internal testing carried out by Noesis. Actual results may vary according to user habits, robot settings and home environment. Please note: Automatic mop lifting is suitable for carpets or rugs no higher than 12 mm